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Brenda Bruce has been a professional writer for over twenty years. Her expertise has been writing about pets, politics, medicine, and gardening. She lives in Denver, Colorado. She has written pieces for web, magazines, newspapers, digital newsletters, radio commercials, and more.

Brenda has worked as a ghost writer for a large veterinarian office. The email list covered several businesses, including a doggie daycare, boarding, and full medical services. Bruce wrote about dogs, cats, and other pets. Short, valuable, entertaining articles about our furry family members help your newsletter open rate.

Brenda Bruce has written about gardening extensively in print. She has managed a university horticulture department gardening advice page. Bruce spends a few hundred hours a year writing about gardening and landscaping. She enjoys writing about all different terroirs. Gardeners diligently look for answers, which brings them to your cache of online articles. She can create an intellectual footprint online.

Politics is a popular topic for Bruce. She has written for special interests like guns and water collection. She has also written extensively for online political portals, such as candidate and political party sites.

Brenda has written for many different medical fields. She has maintained auto-responders for OB/GYN offices for pregnancy. Ask her about tailoring an auto-responder for your business.

Bruce embraces the press release with brevity and focus. She writes to establish a voice, flow, and impression with polish. Your press release can sound classy with a touch of excitement, or humble with a sincere tone for more serious communications.

Non-fiction is her specialty. She uses prose to make the matter-of-fact parts of life interesting.

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Log Cabin Vice-Chair Tackles Denver GOP

February 16, 2021, Glendale, Colorado - Denver Republican Party: Garrett Flicker has accepted the chairman position of the Denver Republican Party. Flicker currently serves as the vice-chairman of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado, and as an activist with other local organizations like Denver PrideFest. He and his team will serve as the Denver GOP administrators for the next two years.

He met with his board last evening at their office in Glendale. Flicker commented "We are not looking to rebrand the Denver GOP. My plan is to use the existing organization to move this affiliate onto higher ground. Reegan Miller and I have volunteered thousands of hours for the party. We know the structure and who to call to get things done. My experience with PrideFest and the Log Cabin Republicans gives me a reach into the community many Republicans do not have. We need manpower, so I plan on utilizing my volunteers effectively. I want to give the conservatives of Denver County a reason to come back to the Republican Party."

Reegan Miller is leading the fundraising efforts in a vice-chairman capacity. Reegan comes to the Denver Republican Party board with experience at many levels, including with the national party. Miller tells us "A political party's purpose is to get candidates elected. Assisting dozens of candidates with web sites, literature, and walking lists is a huge task. But it doesn't stop there. Behind every candidate for the state house or senate is a structure of volunteers, who participate in our caucuses, county assembly, and state convention. We are a year out, but we are fundraising for candidates and preparing for volunteers now."

Dana Lachance-Wittman comes to the board as the vice-chairman. While Dana was walking door-to-door she found voters where surprised to see volunteers for the party. "People need to know there are like minds in Denver. People feel isolated, especially after the election. I want to pull the party together. I am looking for people to volunteer. We need precinct committee people, which is a small ask. Searching for candidates is a priority and working at the precinct level is where we find activists."

Erin Loughrey has taken on the secretary position for Denver GOP. Loughrey commented last night "Some might ask 'Why put forth the effort to run the Denver GOP?' It is true, state house and senate seats in Denver County have not been red in some time. However, votes from Denver County for the governor and US House and Senate races are in the tens of thousands, enough to make a difference in a general election. Without a local affiliate to support the process, people will feel disenfranchised and stop voting. I stepped up to make sure conservatives in Denver are able to participate in their political process."

The recent election has left the entire Republican Party bruised. Flicker admits "We have multiple issues to address. This county is experiencing a type of bureaucratic creep that extremely liberal cities suffer. It has become a haven for high taxes and societal rot. Then consider the lingering sting of the last election. How we deal with what we find at the precinct level is going to be key to flipping seats red in the state legislature."